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"Whatever you are, be a good one"- Abraham Lincon

"After more than 60 years in Golf, I decided a few years ago to slow down and retire as a Golf Pro and Coach". 

This WEBSITE is now downsized from about 50 pages, the base for your learning and progress are still available here.


Me and the Golfsite

Welcome to Nils Tamber Golf.

Maybe you come here because you want to improve, learn, or relearn to play this noble game?

After many years in golf, it is now time to reduce my involvement in the golf education.
It has been a very enjoyable work to help others become better in their own golf.

It has kept me engaged and updated and with our good learning concept many of you have succeeded very well.

Here is now a new abbreviated WEB edition focusing on refreshment for former students and perhaps it can also be interesting for "new golfers". There is an email linked to this website. 

There are many aspects in learning to play golf. Normally we tailor an education program designed especially for you, enabling you to focus on those aspects that will improve your golf most. 

I have more than 50 years experience in teaching. You can read more about Me and how to learn to improve your golf on the following pages.

I hope you will enjoy

the coming chapters

and that it will inspire

you to improve your golf.

Nils Tamber

My Philosophy

We have used a different Teaching Philosophy than most other schools, as we know that we all are different and have different prerequisites for learning and understanding golf.

It is important to personalize and customize your golf education, ensuring that you will have instruction that is tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the greatest possible progress in your golf game.

It is true: when the brain knows what to do – it will do it. The other side is when the brain doesn't know what it shall do..... How can you then do it?

You can read more about what and how you can achieve progress for you in the Golf Game section.

It is always about what you would like to achieve or put it in another way; your goal and needs in learning that will be the basis for the actions. A good learning means that you never have to learn things by heart or put any pressure on yourself to learn.

An old Chinese saying:

  • · Tell me - I forget
  • · Show me - I remember
  • · Involve me - I will understand

So, you can learn golf “automatically” in a fun and effective way.

 About Education

To make changes you must go outside your comfort zone and do it in a focused way, with clear goals.

A personal tailored plan for reaching those goals, and a way to monitor your progress. This recipe is an excellent start for anyone who like to  make changes or start as a new-beginner.

Truly learning and understanding golf requires time married with deliberate practice. The best way of learning is not only how, but always also to find out the "why" so you understand and build up an education you can take with you.

Understanding is the key to learning and when "the brain knows" and understands what it shall do it will do it.

So, the first part of any education is to learn and understand what you shall achieve. In this, we make the plan together. We learn without stress and with a tempo that suits you and your rythm.

The knowledge in the beginning is slightly more important as that normally is the basics that are the foundation on the item we are learning. From there, we develop it so it suits you.

We always assure before moving on to the next stage that you understand the previous items.

It's all in the education and when you put knowledge together with correct practice your learning will go much quicker, and most of all, you start enjoy your golf.

I do not believe in quick fixes. Single lessons without planning is just a therapy. A relevant pre-briefing and fixed goals before the "lessons" is crucial in order to achieve good results.

The Learning Pyramid

The Old Chinese saying





- TELL ME - What is the program today, briefing of what we shall do on the coming lesson.



Therefore, learning comes automatically. We call that; When the Brain knows what to do - it will do it.

The key is to understand what you are trying to achieve.  How can you do something if you don`t understand what you shall do?

When you have studied and know what Learning Type you are - How the Learning Process works together with your  "planned" lessons you will have success. 

"One to One Lesson" gives absolutely the best result, as we all have different needs. Group lessons with more than 5-6 persons can be fun but is ineffective. When 5 or 6 persons have "different questions", nobody get satisfied and more misunderstandings and low learning. Can be fun, nice for introductions and fun for the group but mimimum learning. 

It is never too late to get involved and get better in all sports.

We all play the game of golf because of the enjoyment. It is so important to have fun.

On the Website you can see how learning works and some subitems to improve your golf.

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Nils Tamber

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