Nils Tamber Golf

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To understand the Learning Philosopy

Fairway shot Tests

Medium Irons Shots

Course Management

Bulletpoints - Putting

Learning Types and How it works in Real Life

Approach Tests

Approach Play and Planning

The Picture of Your Game

Bulletpoints - Chipping and Pitching

Body Language

Chip & Pitch Tests

Putting Basics

How you treat Yourself

Bulletpoint - Bunkershots

To Perform under Pressure

Putting Tests

Chipping Basics

Improve Your Selftalk and be realistic

Bulletpoints - Long TEE shots

Meditation & Concentration

Moving between Levels

Pitching Basics

To move on to the Tour

Bulletpoints - Iron TEE shots for PAR 3

Psychology  in golf

Understand The Learning 

Probability Calculation in planning and executing

Evaluate & Develop Your Game over time

Bulletpoints - Strategy

How to Practice effective

Different Body Types

 Brain and Club Speed

Special Shoots and when

Bulletpoints for Practice

Why Statistics and Involvement

 Find what just you need

Weightlifting tand he nervous signals. The art to Switch ON

Master Windplay

Best way to be Coached 

To Coach Yourself

Speedtraining fot Eldery

Develope patience for Scoring

Tee shot Tests -  Woods

Long Game Basics

Shape Shots for Scoring

Easy Game Strategies