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Welcome to the Beach!

Bunker Basics

Basic training will include your body position and aim, and the basic technique to achieve a good result out of the bunkers from around the greens, from fairways bunkers and buried lies.

After little practice you will find that “ Sand is Fun”. To start we practice the technique without the ball.

Bunker Basics

Sand Play

A simple way of practice

Learning the feeling of the correct amount of sand to take in order to release the ball onto the green is important. We use some easy drills for this and in general you can say; No sand on the Green, No Ball on the Green. Here you have some illustrations.

Bunker play “can be fun and is easy to master”. As in all aspects of the game, there are different playing levels. A weekend amateur needs the basics while a future Tour-Pro needs to master the advanced side of it.

Imagine to "slice" away an egg.

You hit little behind and the sand

will lift it away.

Slice away "The circle", with or without a ball

Draw a line in the sand. Make swings with and without the ball and check that you hit the sand 2-3 cm behind the line

Was here a boll or an egg? When you can do this with a good regularity you can open the clubhed a little bit.

When you start to master this, try different lies but use circles and lines to guide you.

Advanced Laws

The anles works also for wedgeplayoutsid the bunke

Advanced Laws

As in the Short game there is also some advanced “add-ons” where different changes of angels gives different results of ball flight. On the left you can see how it works. Once the principals are understood it is not magic, just understandable. With a little practice, these advanced techniques can be a part of your
“repertoire” also.

Illustration of angles

and Ball flights