Nils Tamber Golf

"Hate Bogeys more than You love Birdies" - Geoff Mangum


Chip to save your scoring“!

Included in the step by step education program outlined in the student booklet (syllabus) there is a complete program for the game On and Around the Green.

Now you have red  THE BIG PICTURE, "what putting has to do with scoring" on the Putting page? Then you will understand the importance of your game around the green. Bad shortgame – Bad scoring! Simple!

Learn to hate Bogeys more than you love Birdies

The short game instruction is divided up into relevant sections so we can build your movements around the correct fundamentals. To do this well you need to be ble to read the greens and take up the "LAG - IDEA". Distance control.

As in Putting, Aim and

Set Up is important

Chipping, Putt-chip, Pitching, different lies and what clubs to use for various shots are all covered in the Training Syllabus.

The short game is essential for your game as this is where you can save a lot of shots.

Instruction on different  grips (yes there are different grips for chipping, putt-chip) required for different shots around the green and the different ball positions to achieve various shots and ball flights.

Everything from Basic chip & runs to lob shots will be addressed.

Once the technique is understood you will, with a little practice, find the right motion for the different shots.

Remember the golden rule: Minimum Airtime – Maximum Ground Time.

Basic SET UP

for Chipping

WEDGE PLAY / Distance control

There is no specific definition of distances for short game and a good rule is: from the distance of a full Pitching Wedge to the green. Therefore it differs from person to person (for example 60–110meters).

For distance control we use different lofts on our wedges. PW, GAP, SW, LW and can also uses different sizes of the swing to control it.

All swings has to be done in a repeated  and controlled tempo so you after some practice know how long the ball will carry and from there it gets easier to score well.

Doppler radars with Statistic and good presentation can be of big help here. This is Target training. "Direction and Distance" Today even smaller and less expensive ones will help a lot.